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English on the Internet

 BBC Learning English

 Quizzes, communication tools, current affairs     discussion, grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation

 Business English

 Grammar & vocabulary exercises

 Learning English (British Council)

 Try the word games & grammar games

 Listening Quizzes

 Listen, read the text, answer questions (USA)

 Spelling Tests

 Listen to the word and type it - Answers given

 English Page

 Grammar information & exercises

 ESL Partyland 

 Language learning for socialising

 Grammar Index

 Grammar Information

 Hangman Games

 Guessing game - Vocabulary

 Irregular Verbs

 A long list of irregular verbs

 Sperling Quiz Cafe

 Quizzes and Exercises

 Virtual ILC

 CSWE Certificate exercises and News

 1 Language

 Easy quizzes & communication tools for ESL     communities and also idioms

 Interesting Things

 Basic Vocabulary with Pictures

 Grammar Rules

 Rules, Exercises and Tests

 A national portal enhancing access to multilingual online
 information for Multicultural Australians

 English Grammar Secrets  
 Grammar explanations and exercises for CSWE 2 and 3

 Free Courses

 Many free courses including Basic Word, Basic                  Powerpoint, Certificates in Business etc